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Fun Fact! For 20 years a cat served as mayor of Alaskan town

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Stubbs, an orange cat, was named honorary mayor of the Alaskan town of Talkeetna in 1997. With a population of 772 in 2000, it would not have taken many votes to win the position (and the small town didn't have a real, human mayor anyway), but Stubbs proved adept at the role, gaining fans from all over the world and "serving" in the position for years, greeting tourists and becoming a beloved symbol of the town until his death in 2017.

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Fun Fact! Boys are more likely to be heuristic learners than girls.

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Cycling helps to rejuvenate your immune system.

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Fun Fact! The human attention span is shorter than that of goldfish

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Fun Fact! Albert Einstein did not suffer academically.

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We spend 30% of our time fantasizing.

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Did you Know? Men and Women dream different!

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Fun Fact! At NYU, James Franco received a "D" in his acting class.

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Fun Fact! You can even bathe in the coffee!

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Did you Know? Women prefer style over comfort

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The Mayo Clinic created glow-in-the-dark cats while seeking to discover a treatment for AIDS.

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Fun Fact! Dresses were not originally a trend amongst women.

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Why is there so much hype for the iPhone?

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Did you Know? Some people only dream in black and white.

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Myth Busted! Fact! Humans can't multitask!

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Did you Know? It takes a person 66 days to form a habit

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Greater expectations can lead to better performance and better results, while the lower expectation can lead to a low performance.

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Fun Fact! Women hate taking risks.

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Fun Fact! Coming down to Earth is tough.

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Fun Fact! Elizabeth I used to have a lead facial

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Fun Fact! We have same number of hair as Chimpanzee.

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Fun Fact! The brain actually feels rejection as a physical pain.

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Fun Fact! Sitting at your desk may be fatal.

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Fun Fact! Malaysians don’t really think of themselves as Malaysian

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Fun Fact! The Government Literally Poisoned Alcohol During Prohibition

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Fact! Colours can make you afraid of them