1. According to a report by SurfShark, the city with the most CCTVs per square kilometres in the world is Chennai in Tamil Nadu, with 657 CCTVs per square kilometres.

2. What’s more surprising that the second city on this list is yet another south-Indian city — Hyderabad — with 480 CCTVs per square kilometre.

3. The third place is taken by China’s city of Harbin with 411 CCTVs per square kilometres, followed by London in the UK with 399 CCTVs.

4. Fifth on the list is another Chinese city, Xiamen, with 385 CCTVs per square kilometres, followed by two more Chinese cities — Chengdu with 350 CCTVs and Taiyuan at 319 CCTVs.

5. The report has been made by analysing the world’s 130 most populated cities.

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