Upon sign up, every user is assigned a unique randomized anonymous device id. All communications between two devices and between device and server are done using device ID, no personal information is used for any communication.

The App stores an encrypted signature when you come in proximity with other registered devices. This interaction information is not pushed to the server unless you turn Covid-19 positive.

Government uses your information ONLY for administering Covid-19 related health interventions and NOT for any other purpose.

The App never reveals your personal identity to anyone; the identity of Covid-19 patients is NOT shared with the public at large.

All unique interactions stored only for 30 days on the device; data on the server deleted in 45 days for non-risk users, 60 days from the date of cure for COVID-19 positive patients.

Your location data is used, in case you tested positive, only to map places you visited in the past 14 days for sanitization & testing of people to prevent further spread.

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