egypt facts, facts about egypt, egyptian gods, egyptian cat

Fun Fact! Egyptians used to worship cats

egypt facts, facts about egypt, egyptian gods, egyptian cat

Ancient Egyptians regarded cats to be sacred creatures. Most households are said to have kept a cat as a pet because they felt it would bring them good luck!

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In Vietnam, there is a theme park based on Buddha

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When you are chilly, shivering helps you lose weight.

cowboys, cowboy, cowboys hat, cowboy hat

Fun Fact! Cowboys Didn't Actually Wear Cowboy Hats

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You wouldn't Know! Many terms in the Japanese language are untranslatable.

Dresses, traditional Dresses, mens Dresses, orignal dresses

Fun Fact! Dresses were not originally a trend amongst women.

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Fun Fact! Your sneeze is really strong.

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Fun Fact! There is a Batman University Course.

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Fun Fact! Tussle between Verizon and Apple

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Fact! Colours can make you afraid of them

human body facts, human facts, skeleton facts, bone facts, humans, lying facts, lying,

When people have to go to the restroom, they lie more convincingly.

multi tasking, multi tasking facts, multi tasking myth, multi tasking fact

Myth Busted! Fact! Humans can't multitask!

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Fun Fact! Italy's last king ruled for mere 36 days

dream facts, facts about dreaming facts, learning in dream, niels bohr

Did you Know? Men and Women dream different!

people facts, young people, young looking people,

People who appear younger than they are, Enjoy longer lives.

humans, human facts, human mind, psychology facts, facts about psychology, human psychology

Fun Fact! People will go to great lengths to obey an authority figure.

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Fun Fact! Male babies can get erections in the womb.

moldova, moldova facts, moldova country, moldova fact, moldova europe

Fun Fact! Moldova is the second booziest nation on Earth

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Fun Fact! There are more Bourbon barrels in Kentucky than people.

Sharp knives, dull blades, Sharp knives safety

Fun Fact! Sharp knives are more dangerous than dull blades.

humans, human facts, human mind, psychology facts, facts about psychology, human psychology , Pygmal

Greater expectations can lead to better performance and better results, while the lower expectation can lead to a low performance.

valentines, st valentines, valentines day facts, valentines facts,

Fun Fact! Valentine's Day has its roots in an ancient Pagan festival.

love is drug, love drug, drug, nicotine,

Addiction to love is as strong as addiction to drugs or nicotine.

chocolate facts, facts about chocolate

Fun Fact! Real chocolate can prevent tooth decay

Bad memory, Bad memory facts, intelligence, memory facts, facts about memory,

Fun Fact! Forgetting makes you intelligent.

gravity, facts about gravity, gravity facts

Fun Fact! Tired loosing weight? Try Pluto