1.Arogaya Setu

Developed by the National Informatics Centre, Arogaya setu helps identify possible coronavirus patients, COVID-19 hotspots and share necessary precautions.


It aims to provide major services offered by Central and State Government departments, Local bodies and other utility services from private organizations.

3.Simply Local

The app is helping communities bridge the information gap required to fight Covid-19 in their respective societies and connect people so that they are apprised about the situation and prepared as per the situation.


The app host lives AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions to address queries of pregnant women with the help of more than 100 experts including obstetricians, nutritionists, yoga, and mental health experts.

5.Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga keeps it simple by offering a few routines and over 30 poses. You can choose from different sessions ranging from 20, 40, or 60-minute as you to the next level.

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