Often you hear terms like “work-life balance” and how that is spoiling the fun of life. You thought you will be working to make a better life, but you are working relentlessly with no fun or excitement. Boredom can affect productivity also and that is why many companies today are trying to provide a better working atmosphere to the employees.

The sense of having better control over their own lives motivate the people and that reflects in their work. To keep that improved efficiency some companies are now offering

Work from Home- A happy family is often the secret behind an employee’s good psychological condition. Keeping that in mind, many companies now have “Work from home” facilities so that employees can stay close to their families while working.

Company Outings- Some companies now plan for outing or lunch on a weekend so that the employees can relax a bit outside their work environment.

Restricted and flexible working hours- Long working hours affect the employees both physically and psychologically and to maintain efficiency, restricted working hours often work as wonders. It is also important to have flexible working hours. If there’s not much work to do on a certain day, spending longer in the cubicle isn’t going to help the employee.

Goal oriented work- Instead of working for long hours, the project needs to be designed in a productive way so that the goal can be reached. Once the goal is reached, employees will be motivated to work even more.

Paid Maternity/ Paternity leaves – To most couples, becoming parents is more important than completing a project. When the company values that and offers paid leaves, the employee feels gratitude toward it and later it shows in the work.

Vacation Policies- It is important for the employees to take a break from work and go somewhere with their families. Some companies have such policies that make the employees as well as their families happy.

Annual trip- Going on a trip with other employees can often make them bond better. Interactive activities while discussing about work is a great way to encourage and motivate the employees. A happy employee is not a myth as many companies are now helping the employees to maintain “work life balance”.

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