Myths: Dry coughs with no runny nose means coronavirus infection

Facts: Just because someone has a dry cough does not mean he/she has coronavirus. Likewise, people with wet coughs could still be symptomatic for Covid-19

Myths: Gargling with mouthwash can protect from coronavirus.

Facts: No, there is no proof that gargling with mouthwash can protect from coronavirus infection or any other respiratory illness. Maintaining proper hygiene can help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses.

Myths: Shaving your head will protect against Novel Coronavirus.

Facts: Coronavirus doesn’t spread through hair. However, having long hair may increase the chance of the hair coming in contact with contaminated droplets. This does not mean that going bald will prevent you from getting infected.

Myths: Eating garlic can prevent infection with COVID-19.

Facts: Garlic is meant to be packed with antimicrobial properties, however, there is no evidence that proves that it can prevent from coronavirus.

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