dogs, dogs facts, dog vision, dog fun facts, fun facts about dogs, dogs hearing, dogs facts

Did you Know? Dogs do not experience guilt.

dogs, dogs facts, dog vision, dog fun facts, fun facts about dogs, dogs hearing, dogs facts

When you find your dog eating on something he shouldn't, he averts his gaze and assumes a submissive stance. That indicates he recognizes his error and expresses regret, correct? Scientists believe it's unlikely. It's more likely that the behaviors that owners identify with a dog's remorse are a reaction to being reprimanded. They just do not consider their violation as thoroughly as you do.

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Porcelain was marked by the emperor's reign and dynasty.

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Did you Know? Indian Ocean has Unique Chemical and Physical Properties

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Lord Howe Island stick insect was thought extinct until 2001!

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Retinol does more than merely reduce wrinkles.

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The famous yerwada prison is in Pune.

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Coca-Cola is illegally accessible in every country on the planet.

Spine, spinal cord

We are born with 33 vertebrae and lose some as we get older.


Train made of bamboo

spirituality, spirituality definition, spirituality vs religion, ignatian spirituality, african spir

Is spirituality about connecting with your inner self ?

Spine, spinal cord

Your spinal cord has the ability to remember the pain.

Sweden, norway

Making the most of a bad situation

Women, Unpaid, employment, India, labor, authority, freedom, financial resources

According to poll after survey, parents are more inclined to educate their sons essential breadwinning skills such as credit building and investing their money.

coconut, india, indonesia, philippones

Coconuts may be found anywhere.

taste buds

Everyone has a unique set of taste buds.

blackhole, light, escape, star, galaxy, universe, science

Black holes physically draw space around them.


It’s illegal to hold salmon under suspicious circumstances

korea, korea facts, facts about korea, korean hairstyles, korean hair, korean style

Did you Know? In Korea Hairstyles are based upon age and relationship status.

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Did you Know? Kite has got its name from the bird

iceberg, gallons, fresh water, five years, fujairah, ocean

One iceberg could provide enough water for a million people for five years.

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Did you Know? Kolkata is home to oldest zoo in the country


why fireflies produce light?

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Male fingernails grow more quickly than female ones.

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Did you Know? Brazil is Eclectic and Diverse

books, publishers, amazon, bookshops, author

Authors nearly never create the cover and frequently have no say in the matter.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has the highest flow rate in the world.