In comparison to a moisturizer, serums have a higher concentration of active substances.


Vitamin C and retinoids (retinol, tretinoin, and tazarotene), which are derivatives of vitamin A, are the greatest anti-aging substances to seek (L-ascorbic acid and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate). They also function as antioxidants to absorb the accumulating biological and environmental oxidative damage that leads to ageing by increasing collagen in your skin.

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Spicy foods do not always result in ulcers.

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Fun Fact! Bed bugs are as old as dinosaurs


Lobsters are able to regenerate limbs.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brasilia,  capital

In Rio, street art is legal.

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Can you buy a ticket for the Met Gala?

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Did you Know? Metabolism May Be Affected by Vitamin D

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What is the main belief of spirituality?

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How do you know If your body clock is off?


Is it true that an iguana has three eyes?


Hypnosis can be used to provide anaesthesia.

Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl was born in Wales.

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Some lizards can go their entire lives without drinking water.


Kimchi Comes in Over 180 Different Varieties

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Netflix’s Executives Used To Make House Calls.

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The Dutch own more bicycles than any other country in the world

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The Spaniards tend to speak loudly

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Mosquitoes spend the first ten days of their lives in water

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Did you Know? Snow Flakes come in all sizes

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Spectacular summertime meteor showers.

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People used breadcrumbs to erase their mistakes before erasers were invented.

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The parade of costumes is led by princesses and Spiderman.

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Color is essential.

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Toy Story 2 Was Almost Deleted

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Chocolate was used to make alcohol.

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Did you Know? Boys just want to blend in.