Since 1868, Tokyo has served as Japan's capital.


Edo was a little fishing community in the past. Edo thereafter became Japan's imperial capital, and its name was changed to Tokyo. Tokyo is the Eastern Capital.

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How can one get monkeypox?

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The English language received the term "serendipity" from Sri Lanka.


Chia has a lot of selenium.


There are spiders everywhere!

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Pirates wore eye patches.


Cambodia has a horrific history that occurred not long ago

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The debate about Afrikaans continues.


Grapefruit may potentially aid in cancer prevention.

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Maine is one of the most expensive states in the US.

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Doctor Strange from the 1970s


What qualities should I consider when choosing a product?

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Have you heard the legends of Hukai’po?

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Pirates wore earrings to ward off seasickness.

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Beneficial for Diabetics

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Casablanca's Sam Was a Drummer


liver is two people at once

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Did you Know? Nintendo has been around for almost 130 years.

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Astronomy is where the phrase "dog days of summer" originated.

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A laser can become entangled in water.

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What Is the Strangest Fact You've Ever Heard?

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Shintoism has no sacred texts.

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Did you Know? The Shrine Eternal is the renowned Somnath temple.

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There are a lot of strange dictionaries out there.

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James Bond Wore a Toupe