sunflower, Guinness Book of World Records, flowers, Hans-Peter, Germany

You can use sunflowers as scrubbing pads.

sunflower, Guinness Book of World Records, flowers, Hans-Peter, Germany

Because of their rigid bodies, sunflowers can be used all over your house as decorations or even as bird feeders, but did you know they also make a great scrubbing pad? All those flowers are very effective at removing the grime from your favorite pots and pans. Sunflowers can be used as the ideal single-use scrubbing pad after drying.

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Making something with crochet can make idle time into useful time.


Consuming grapefruit may enhance the quality of your diet and increase your consumption of vitamin C

Times Square, New York, New Year

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The wings of butterflies are translucent.


No such thing as a Teacup Chihuahua exists.

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Venus flytraps' favourite food is NOT flies.


Roses have hundreds of scent molecules combining notes of different aromas


Tulips were introduced to the world by Turkey.


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Young plants have upright stems, but as they get older, they gradually start to creep or trail.

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Chamomile tea can aid sleep.

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There is a language specific to crocheting.

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Cobain didn't think "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was particularly catchy.


Grapefruit Has a High Water Content


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Intelligence Has Nothing To Do With ADHD