afrikaans, african, dutch

The debate about Afrikaans continues.

afrikaans, african, dutch

Afrikaans continues to be a contentious language in South Africa due to its direct ties to the oppressive measures taken by the National Party regime. This and other elements have contributed to the growth of English in the nation.

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Did you Know? More than 1000 tombs are situated in Petra

spain, facts about spain, spain facts, spainish facts, spainish food, spainish language, spain girls

Spain is the home of the world’s second most widely-spoken language

milk, substitute, plant milk, vegan, soya milk, coconut milk, almond milk

Plant milk is better for the environment.


One of the countries with the highest standard of living.

almonds, milk, plant milk

Ground almonds are a healthier alternative to breadcrumbs!

Chhath puja, vrat, bihar, india, culture, hinduism


khajuraho, city, india, temples

Sculpture of Erotica


What is the significance of the name Bamboo?


Microfiber cleans at the molecular level using electrostatics.

toilet paper

Only 70–75 percent of the world's population uses toilet paper.

Bhutan,  Vajrayana Buddhism, Buddhism, religion, Bhutanese, Buddhist

Bhutan only removed its prohibition on television and the Internet in 1999.

glass, sand, lime, soda, ash, high temperature

Lightning Has the Power to Form Glass.

earthquake, earth, calamity, australia, kuril , magnitude

Earthquakes Can Be Sensed on the Other Side of the Globe

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Did you know.... The Origins of the Universe


Does the kind of skin care product you use or how you use it in your regimen matter?

 Homi J Bhabha, nuclear physics,  Isaac Newton Studentship, cosmic rays, doctorate

Some of the publications produced by Homi J Bhabha are still highly regarded today.

sylvia, sylviaplath, plath, depression, literature, poet, poetry, english, visual, visualartist, art

Plath received electroshock therapy for her clinical depression.

tunisia, Arab country, Islam

Tunis's metro system


Kerala's only Pine Forest

swiggy, swiggy india, swiggy instamart, swiggy delivery, swiggy share price, swiggy food delivery, s

Swiggy locks in key resources


Which Animal Class Does a Fairyfly Belong In?

dust mites

Deep within the upholstery of your house are dust mites.

red lips, lipstick, makeup

During WWII, wearing lipstick became a symbol of patriotism.

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Lions hunt during the storms.

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In Old California Is the First Film Shot in Hollywood