1. Get Properly Dressed

Look professional and presentable. Think of what you will wear if this was an in-office meeting.

2. Check if Your Systems Are Working

Is your online meeting app loading well? Have your mobile date internet ready in case your current connection weakens.

Is your audio system working? It’s important to hear your teammates talk and they hear you clearly as well.

3. Set An Agenda

Share the objective, talking points, and outcomes of the meeting at least a day before. This way your teammates will be able to prepare and ask the right questions if there are things that are still unclear to them.

4. Stick To The Allotted Time

Be mindful of everyone’s schedules. Preparing an agenda easily fulfills this objective too.

5. Give Your Full Attention

Be present throughout the meeting. Try not to visit other websites or chat with your other colleagues while the meeting is ongoing.

6. Mute Your Microphone When It’s Not Your Turn To Talk.

Any unwanted background noise can reduce the success of the online meeting. Open your mic only when you have to say something.

7. Announce Your Arrival

If you’re late to the meeting, let your team acknowledge you. After all, it’s something you would do when you enter an actual meeting room.

8. Manage The Chaos

Find yourself a quiet spot at home to attend your meeting. Turn off the volume of your TV or music player so you can focus.

9. Wrap Up The Meeting

A list of important notes and clear action items is the best way to summarize a productive team meeting.

10. Take Your Time

Going from face-to-face meetings to online meetings can be a big adjustment for the whole team. A supportive environment is key in helping everyone transition to a new way of collaborating.

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