1. Universal Basic Income For Daily Wagers

The government should use the accumulates cess funds to pay around 3.5 crore daily wagers using Direct Bank Transfer to keep the informal economy running and avoid an economic fiasco.

2. Creating A Funnel To Grand Interest-Free Loans To SMEs

cash should be poured in the market to create a funnel enabling interest-free loans to Small/Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). This will prevent the failure of the repayment schedule and keep the economy running.

3. Waiving Off Electricity Bill For Commercial Business

This step can prove a saviour for working capitals. Commercial metres run faster as compared to domestic metre, hence reduction or waiving-off the bills may be a game-changing step.

Increasing Participation Of Private Sector For Speed & Scale

Since there is a shortage of masks, surgical gloves, and PPE kits, private sectors can be included in the production cycle to boost production using their logistics, speed, and manpower.

5. Partnership With Religious Organizations And NGOs

Religious organizations from different beliefs and NGOs are actively participating to serve the poor and needy by providing them food and essentials items. Active participation with the government can magnify the impact and sufferings of multiple people can be reduced.

6. Testing Of The COVID-19 At Large Scale

The government needs to conduct Covid-19 tests on a very large scale in order to prevent community spread and up its preparedness. This requires mass production of masks, testing kits, and other equipments along with trained professionals.

7. Aware People To Avoid Wastage Of Water

Washing hands frequently is one key measure to prevent spread of coronavirus. However, it invokes the risk of mass water wastage. We, as responsible citizens, should emphasize on prevention of water and should close taps while applying soap.

8. Turning Of Government Buildings Into Shelters

Government structures like schools, colleges, and offices should be used as shelters for the homeless or migrants in order to prevent mass exodus and nullify the chances of community spread. it will also make inspection and supervision easier for the authorities.

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