Hypnosis can be used to provide anaesthesia.


Several studies have found that hypnosis can be an effective pain management tool. In fact, EEG studies have shown that hypnosis removes the emotional experience of pain while allowing the sensory sensation to be experienced. When they are in this trance-like state, they can feel touch, but their brain does not recognise pain. As they prepare for natural childbirth, an increasing number of women are undergoing prenatal hypnosis training.

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Microfiber is incredibly environmentally friendly.

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Targeting dyslipidaemia effectively requires a careful selection of oral hypoglycemic medicines as well as dyslipidaemia-specific medications.

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Where is the origin of Tandoori?

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Feeling of dread toward Earth shudders.

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Did you Know? Turkeys Were Once Worshipped as if they Were Gods

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Scientists discovered the Solar System’s third zone because of Pluto

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A Group of Famous People Saved the Hollywood Sign

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye Gemstone Promotes Self-Awareness


Using Grapefruit to Reduce "Bad" Cholesterol

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Did you Know? There are famous coffee houses named after Centeral Perk of FRIENDS

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Many elements of Taiwanese life are influenced by Chinese culture

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is home to the world's largest urban forest.

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The three lies of Harvard

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The Bronte sisters released a book of poetry that was not successful.

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The British Museum gate was once guarded by a cat named Mike

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There are a lot of strange dictionaries out there.


A category of beetle known as fireflies has more than 2,000 different species

White willow

White willow is used to make cricket bats.


Ashwagandha is an Indian herb.

Blood Purification

Blood Purification and Insect Bites

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What Are the Three Kinds of Flat Fish?

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Did you Know? Sun is mostly of hydrogen and helium

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The Giant Swallowtail Butterfly is one of the largest butterflies.


University Is Inexpensive-Ish

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Mosquitoes come in over 3,500 different varieties: