oscars, theartist, bestpicture, 1929, wings, charlesbuddyrogers, richardallen, clarabow, younggaryco

lowest-priced Oscar winner

oscars, theartist, bestpicture, 1929, wings, charlesbuddyrogers, richardallen, clarabow, younggaryco

When "The Hurt Locker" won six Oscars out of a possible nine nominations, including the coveted Best Picture award, it set a new record for the lowest-grossing film ever to take home an Oscar. Its estimated box office revenue of $21 million is less than 2% of what its rival, "Avatar," brought in during the same period.

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Sumo wrestlers make babies cry for good luck.

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Most people with “gluten intolerance” don’t have celiac disease

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World’s Largest River Island “Majuli”


Insomnia can occur in pets as well.

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Maine is one of the most expensive states in the US.

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The secret to success is rescue inhalers.

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The Oxford English Dictionary requires your assistance.


What Is the Weight of a Fairyfly?

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Mosquitoes spend the first ten days of their lives in water

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Did you Know? Alien's androids are alphabetized.

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Fun Fact! 2.5 million Brazilians Live in the Middle of the Amazon Rainforest


Large ivory tusks on the narwhal dolphin, which resemble unicorn horns

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Moon Knight Powers changes with Moon


Persian rugs require little upkeep

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The base of the marine food chain is algae.

Bronte sisters

Two out of the three Bronte sisters had governess jobs.

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The jury is still out on whether those who believe in conspiracy theories may be persuaded to change their beliefs.


The copper content of New York's Statue of Liberty exceeds 80 tonnes.


Breastfeeding mothers benefit from a small amount of formula.

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Exposure to the sun:

air pollution

Annual air pollution limits in London were exceeded five days into 2017.

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Is monkeypox treatable?


Crabs use the sounds of their pincers and claws to communicate.

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Did you Know? Moldova's national animal is a big cow