oscars, theartist, bestpicture, 1929, wings, charlesbuddyrogers, richardallen, clarabow, younggaryco

lowest-priced Oscar winner

oscars, theartist, bestpicture, 1929, wings, charlesbuddyrogers, richardallen, clarabow, younggaryco

When "The Hurt Locker" won six Oscars out of a possible nine nominations, including the coveted Best Picture award, it set a new record for the lowest-grossing film ever to take home an Oscar. Its estimated box office revenue of $21 million is less than 2% of what its rival, "Avatar," brought in during the same period.

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Did you Know? 1,000 elephants were used to transport the building materials to Agra.

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Messi and Ronaldo's final World Cup?

Blue blood

Blue blood is found in spiders.

sylvia, sylviaplath, plath, depression, literature, poet, poetry, english, visual, visualartist, art

At age 12, Plath's IQ was recorded at around 160.

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Noah Webster studied 26 languages in order to write his dictionary.

Hypnosis, sleep, scientists, hypnotic, illusion

During hypnosis, a person remains completely awake.

batman, flash, marvel, nemesis, bruce wayne

Flash is a buddy of Batman, yet he does not obey his 'rule.' 

Clea Doctor Strange

Fun Fact! Clea and Doctor Strange: The Power Couple


The Dutch invented gin


In most cases, stomach ulcers do not show any symptoms.

Times Square, New York, New Year

Many Brazilians spend New Year's Eve at the beach.

Tamil Nadu

Only district bordering Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

hair tissue, hair growth, hair facts, human body facts, hair strength, hair growth facts

Did you Know? Cutting your hair does not influence how fast your hair will grow.

dust mites, microscope, pincer-like claws, lice, bed bugs, parasites

Humidity is ideal for dust mites.

 Skin Glows

Your Skin Glows When You Dance


The Ashwagandha Parts That Are Used to Make Remedies

buddhist, emptiness, Marcel, Buddha, religious activities

Karma is a you-know-what.

almonds, milk, plant milk

Almonds have the greatest protein content of any nut!

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Authors are probably not making as much money up front as you believe.


It performs both endocrine and exocrine functions.

Tropical America

Tropical America is the Mimosa Pudica's original habitat.

love is crazy, crazy love, love can make you crazy, love fact, love drug, love facts

Did you Know? Couples who are too similar to each other are not likely to last.

migraine, headaches, Cephalalgia, workouts,  exercise, stress hormones

Exercise Forestalls Migrane

The Hobbit

Inspired by Birmingham The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

british museum, british museum london, sutton hoo british museum, hokusai british museum, british mu

The British Museum is the largest indoor space on Google Street View