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Moon Knight Dresses in White to Make His Enemies Notice Him

justintheroux, jonhamm, ewanmcgregor, jonnydepp, jakegyllenhaal, jaredleo, joaquinphoenix, doctorstr

Too many comic book enthusiasts believe that Marc Spector was developed by Marvel as a deliberate retaliation to Bruce Wayne. For those who wish to connect the dots, the parallels are there. While they are both monsters of the night who terrorize villains, there are some significant distinctions. The most noticeable change is Moon Knight's outfit. Batman usually wears an all-black outfit with a few yellow or gold accents. Moon Knight's all-white attire appears to be a near-identical negative of Batman's black costume. The hero wears white because he wants his adversaries to see him coming — and fear the sight of him, according to Warren Ellis' 2014 run on Moon Knight.

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Vision Boards Help You Improve Your Self-Image

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