Tokyo has more neon signs than any other city in the world.


You may admit that Tokyo is more illuminated than, say, Piccadilly Circus or Times Square, but Las Vegas?! It is. It has considerably more streets than Las Vegas, and the entire street is frequently ablaze with neon lights.

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T-shirts made of bamboo


Your risk of cataracts can be impacted by your diet and lifestyle.


Asthma Is Not All Wheezing.

Formula-fed babies

Formula-fed babies are more likely to become ill.

 energy compatibility

Function and energy compatibility are determined by its mineral structure.


Indonesia consists approximately 17,504 islands.

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Did you Know? Ketchup Was Sold in the 1830s as Medicine

Female lobsters

Female lobsters are active participants who make the first move.

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According to popular belief, the first lavish celebration of Dussehra was held in the Mysore Palace in the 17th century

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Curtains are being dressed in accordance with  standards.


Did you know that Genghis Khan killed Behtar, his half-brother?

 Maratha Empire

The Maratha Empire's administrative centre was in Pune.

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We almost had the 13th sign.

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In 2022, Halloween participation will reach pre-pandemic levels.

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Dark matter might be created by a boson companion.

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You are more creative solving the problems of others than your own.


The new capital city that appeared overnight in Myanmar

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Nevermind dethroned the King of Pop by topping the charts.

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In the world of cookware, copper is unparalleled.

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Swiggy runs an on-demand delivery service

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Australia is home to the largest species of reptiles.

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Did you Know? Mind is more active in dreams as compared to when a person is awake