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Did you Know? People have been imagining multiverses since ancient times.

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Of course, this isn't conclusive proof. But it's worth recalling the ancient adage, variably attributed to Picasso or the writer Susan Sontag, that if you can imagine it, it must exist. And there might be something to it. After all, many individuals throughout history envisaged various kinds of a multiverse long before Hugh Everett sipped his sherry. For example, depictions of several parallel worlds may be found in ancient Indian religious scriptures [source: Sanskriti]. Wesleyan University religion professor Mary-Jane Rubenstein states in her book "Planets Without End: The Many Lives of the Universe" that the ancient Greeks had the Atomist school of thinking, which claimed that there were an endl

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Stringed Musical Instruments: How Do They Make Music?

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On the first day of Navratri, it is customary in Northern India to sow barley seeds in earthen pots.

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Welsh gold is used to make royal wedding rings.

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Apple custard includes magnesium

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Quebec City was established in 1608.

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Blueberries' purple-blue colouring is a sign of their high antioxidant content.

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Psychology is a vast subject.

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Anxiety Often Begins In Childhood

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There is a proper way to burn candles.