Tunisia, Arab country, Islam

Tagine Tunisienne

Tunisia, Arab country, Islam

Tajine is a North African meal that is offered in Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia. The Tunisian version of this meal differs greatly from others. It has nothing to do with slow-cooked stews or clay pots. When you first try Tunisian tajine, you could be astonished since it appears like a thick omelet, Italian frittata, or Spanish omelet. Tunisian tajine comes in a few distinct varieties. Tajine is often made with potatoes, onion, parsley, grated cheese/happy cow cheese, salt, pepper, and turmeric. Then, according on your tastes, you can add chicken, fish, minced meat, or spinach. This type of tajine is fairly common in Tunisian households and is really tasty!  Tajine El Bey is a more refined form of the other tajine. I

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