Oscars, win, academy awards, Rogers, Richard Arlen, Clara Bow, Gary Cooper, movies

youngster to win an Oscar

Oscars, win, academy awards, Rogers, Richard Arlen, Clara Bow, Gary Cooper, movies

Tatum O'Neal, an actress, became the youngest-ever Oscar winner when she won Best Supporting Actress for the movie "Paper Moon" at the age of just 10.

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Clinical hypnosis differs greatly from stage hypnosis.

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Afrikaans was first taught in Muslim schools and was written in Arabic script.


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Chia seeds contain 5g of fiber per tablespoon.

taxi driver, screenwriter, paul schrader, hollywood, reporter, wrote

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sylvia, sylviaplath, plath, depression, literature, poet, poetry, english, visual, visualartist, art

At age 12, Plath's IQ was recorded at around 160.


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Women, Unpaid, employment, India, labor, authority, freedom, financial resources

On average, women do more labour, but they are allotted 55% of all work.


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Collagen promotes elastin production.


Ulcers spread to further areas of the human body.

cupcakes, cakes, cake facts. cupcake facts, cake fact, bleuberry vake, cheesecake, cake, muffin. muf

Did you Know? Before birthday cake candles, candles on the cakes were saved for the goddesses on moon.

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Fun Fact! Kites were used in the wars too!

world war 1, world war 1 uk, world war 1 facts, world war 1 fact, world war 1 tanks, world war facts

During World War 1 Japan came to the British's aid in the Mediterranean.

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Your Skin's Capacity to Produce Vitamin D Is Affected by Age

greek, philosophers, lunar, solar deities, athens, anaxagoras, lampsacusk



Flamingos have a 10,000–15,000-foot ceiling.


Omega-3-rich items made from krill are luxurious.

chanel, cuir de russie, leathery, beavers, castoreum, fruit scented, sweet smell, animalic, animals,

There’s a Chanel perfume with extracts from a beaver’s abdominal glands

dictionaries, editors, research, English, zeitgeist, apple, Renaissance, Alphabetically, Greek, Fren

Fake words do occasionally make their way into dictionaries.