Interesting Facts About India

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Hinduism is the world's oldest religion, although it is not a real polytheism.

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Did you Know? The Taj Mahal was camouflaged as a bamboo stockpile during WWII.

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Fact! Quokkas are lovely creatures that constantly appear to be happy.

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Did you Know? India has the second lowest meat consumption

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Did you Know? Every Indian food is made up of six basic tastes.

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Did you Know? There are three categories of food according to Ayurveda.

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Did you Know? India is the home to one of the hottest chills in the world.

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Did you Know? There is no such thing as curry powder.

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Did you Know? Samosa is not an Indian origin.

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Fact check! Spirits don't reside in Peepal trees.

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Did you Know? India is the Spice Capital of the world.

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Fun Fact! There are over 200 Indian desserts.

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Did you Know? Chai or tea is an ancient drink

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Indians read for more than ten hours each week, more than any other country in the planet.

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Dabbawallahs provide a surprising number of lunches.

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Did you Know? Thousands of languages are spoken in India.

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There is a temple of rats in India

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World's only floating post office is in India's Srinagar

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Certain breeds of Chickens are on the verge of extinction.

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The First iPod Included A Hidden Easter Egg