1. Lord Ram was Nepali, not India
   -Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli

“We still believe we gave Sita to Prince Ram but we gave the prince too, from Ayodhya, not India. Ayodhya is a village a little west (of) Birgunj (a district in Nepal that is around 135 km from capital Kathmandu)”.

2. Lord Ram was actually born in Banawali, Haryana, along the banks of River Saraswati
-Archeologist MVN Krishna Rao

In 1998, a theory on the basis of a study on the seals found in the Indus Valley civilization declared that Banawali in Haryana along the banks of ancient River Saraswati was the birthplace of Lord Ram

3. Lord Ram was born in Rehman Dheri of Pakistan
-Abdul Rahim Quraishi

In 2015, Abdul Rahim Quraishi of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board published a paper, Facts of Ayodhya Episode, and argued that Ram was born in Rehman Dheri of Pakistan. As evidence, he cited writings of former Archeological survey of India official Jassu Ram to arrive at his conclusion. He argued that the ancient city of Saket was renamed as Ayodhya in the 11th century.

4. The epic of Ramayana took place, not in modern-day India but Afghanistan
-Physicist Rajesh Kochhar, author of The Vedic People – Their History and Geography

The lineage of Dasarath, Ram, and the whole Ikshvakus dynasty that Ram belonged to were from western Afghanistan.

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