Bamboo toothbrushes are making a comeback.


Though toothbrushes have spent ages changing from natural to synthetic materials, contemporary toothbrush trends are actually returning the humble toothbrush to its roots. Natural and ecologically friendly alternatives to plastics are becoming more popular as people get more knowledge about health, plastic, and the environment. With increased conservation efforts, public demand for environmentally friendly products and alternatives is increasing.

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The white color of milk is mostly fat


Germany Loves Bread


Tokyo offers some of the best restaurants in the world.

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International astronauts must be able to speak Russian.

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In Japan, you may be asked for your blood type instead of your sign.

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Fever (antipyretic) and pain relief (analgesic)

Flat Fish

Are Flat Fish Poisonous?

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Vision boards serve as mental rehearsals.

 Dribbling permitted  1897

Fun Fact! Dribbling was not permitted until 1897.


Afrikaans was a protected language throughout the Apartheid era.


Ulcers spread to further areas of the human body.

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Did you Know? His name was not really “Leonardo da Vinci”

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Soap and dynamite have a long history together.

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What Are Iguanas Fearful Of?

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Did you Know the Fact about the Creation of Humans?

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Catnip Is Available in What Forms?

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Did you Know? Sun is mostly of hydrogen and helium

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Fun Fact! Lara's decorating skills will melt your face off.

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Donald Duck is more well-known than Mickey Mouse.

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Perseus Took Medusa’s Head

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Billy has also appeared in films other than Saw. Insidious, Dead Silence, and Death Sentence all featured him as an Easter egg.

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Did you Know? In a single race, the average driver loses 3kg.

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The hood's distinctive Spirit of Ecstasy cannot be flipped.

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Santa entertainers may earn up to $1,200 per hour.