human body facts, human facts, skeleton facts, bone facts, human life, human egg, human life facts

Did you Know? There is a difference in your age.

human body facts, human facts, skeleton facts, bone facts, human life, human egg, human life facts

Your life, like that of a chicken, began with an egg. It's not a big egg in a shell, but it's an egg nonetheless. There is, however, a significant difference between a human egg and a chicken egg that has an unexpected effect on your age. Human eggs are extremely small. They are, after all, only a single cell that is typically 0.2mm across – roughly the size of a printed full stop. Your egg was formed in your mother, but it was formed when she was an embryo. The formation of your egg, as well as half of your DNA from your mother, could be considered the very first moment of your existence. And it occurred prior to the birth of your mother. If your mother was 30 when you were born, you would have been over

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