constellations, night, sky, glowing, ancient, magnitude, sirius, mensa, visual, greek

Constellations Travel From East To West Like The Sun

constellations, night, sky, glowing, ancient, magnitude, sirius, mensa, visual, greek

Each night more stars and constellations begin to appear in the eastern part of the sky at dusk before moving across and disappearing over the western horizon by dawn. Likewise, those constellations which we had been able to see low near the western horizon after sunset will vanish from our view only to be replaced by constellations that had been higher in the sky at sunset just a few weeks earlier. The constellations which appear in the east have a daily shift rate close to one degree per day, as completing a 360 degrees circular journey around the Sun in 365 days produces roughly that rate. One full year later, the stars subsequently return to the same position and rising time as the year before.

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