literature, jane, janeausten, austen, writing, fiction, love, friendship, tomlefory, tom, harris, ha


literature, jane, janeausten, austen, writing, fiction, love, friendship, tomlefory, tom, harris, ha

The first Jane Austen fan fiction was written in an 1823 letter to the editor of The Lady's Magazine, in which Austen appeared as a character. The letter writer claims to want to know more about being a successful writer and consults Jane Austen's ghost for advice. Harvard University owns the first Austen dissertation, "Jane Austen's Novels," which was published in 1883 by George Pellew.

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Numbers come in two types.


85 species of krill are recognised.

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Did you Know? In Danish, there is no word for "please."

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The joys of driving and crossing the roads in Myanmar

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The record for the loudest purr is 67.8db(A)

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Unless the author is already well-known, book readings and signings are not profitable.

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Did you Know about Cisco Systems and first true iPhone?

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The most expensive World Cup in football history .

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And some pirates did have hooks and wooden pegs.

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Sushruta Samhita, the World's Oldest Medical and Surgical Encyclopedia

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UNESCO World Heritage Site

expensive coffee

Four of the top five most expensive coffee cities are Swiss.


In ancient Greece, killing a dolphin was deemed sacrilegious

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There are parts of Africa in all four hemispheres

abominable snowman

The phrase "abominable snowman" was first used by a newspaper columnist.


In comparison to a moisturizer, serums have a higher concentration of active substances.

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Happy as a clam is not a complete expression.

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Donald Duck is more well-known than Mickey Mouse.

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"Sunglasses provide protection from crow's feet.

Messi  international title

Messi has yet to win a big international title.

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Did you Know? Over 80% of Japan is mountainous


Blood is required for fingernail survival.

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Weather reporters maybe pigeons.


England's youngest player was only 17 years old.