eyesight, human vision, human vision facts, candle facts, human vision fact, pupils fact, dilated pu

Did you Know? Eyes are very sensitive!

eyesight, human vision, human vision facts, candle facts, human vision fact, pupils fact, dilated pu

Your eyes are extremely sensitive, detecting even the smallest photons of light. A small fuzzy patch of light can be seen with the naked eye if you look at the constellation Andromeda on a very clear night. If you can make out that tiny blob, you've seen as far as human vision can go without the aid of technology. Andromeda is the largest galaxy closest to our own Milky Way. However, in intergalactic space, "near" is a relative term; the Andromeda galaxy is 2.5 million light years away. There were no humans when the photons of light that struck your eye started their journey. We still had a lot of growing up to do. You're looking back in time 2.5 million years and seeing an almost incomprehensible

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Blue-eyed redheads are quite unusual.

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Did you Know? A lady was the world's most successful pirate.

Red hair

Red hair is thicker than hair of other colours.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, Himalayas, Kullu, Mandi

Mysterious Scandal Point

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The Oxford English Dictionary requires your assistance.

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One of the most expensive pieces of glass art in the world is the "Portland Vase."

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The pirates were chased out of The Bahamas by Captain Woodes Rogers.

Afrikaans, african, dutch

One of the reasons South Africa has 11 official languages is because of Afrikaans.

Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln assassination, john wilkes booth, lincoln assassination, president

Did you Know? President Abraham Lincoln is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame




Natural protein fibre known as silk is typically produced from the cocoons of silkworms.

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There may be an endless number of worlds.


A well-maintained porcelain piece can last over 1,000 years!

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Spectacular summertime meteor showers.


Quebec City was established in 1608.

 vision board

Making a vision board might help you become more determined.

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Antibiotic compounds are produced by probiotics.


Sofia's oldest structure is a church.

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Did you Know? Dolls were once the fashion models.

beagles, dog

They don't take up a lot of room

Spoiler Expert Netflix

A Spoiler Expert was once hired by Netflix.

chia seeds

Chia seeds have been consumed by people for hundreds of years.

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The oldest horoscope we know of is from 410 B.C.

Sound Waves

How Do You Capture Sound Waves?

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