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Did you Know? Lebanon is home to many great roman ruins

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One of the greatest outside of Rome. The Baalbek Temple, also known as the Temple of Bacchus, is one of the world's best-preserved and biggest Roman temple ruins. The temple complex, which is located in the Al-biq (Bekaa Valley), was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. The temple was most likely commissioned by the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pirus in the second century AD, although there are no traces of it until the Greek takeover in the fourth century. A German Expedition unearthed two of the great temples and began repairing the site in the late nineteenth century. Then, in the 1970s the Lebanese civil war broke out and the place became a bastion for Palestinian and Syrian forces. It is now within the FCO&#

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Pariah dogs

Pariah dogs from India are very adaptive.

Obesity Risk

Obesity Risk in Formula-Fed Babies

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The Thakhek Loop motorcycle trip lasts four days.

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It was the first Asian country to make gay marriage legal in 2019

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Did you Know? Once Japan and China banned the kite flying!

Khajuraho, city, india, temples

The Meaning of the Name Khajuraho

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Shrimps are well-known for their deliciousness! But did you know that there are over 2,000 different types of shrimp worldwide?

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Fun Fact about Oscar Maths

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City of Prime Ministers


Bali is actually made up of four islands.

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Did you Know? Mehndi can be used as a medicine.

weight loss

It may also aid with weight loss indirectly.

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Much bony fish have multiple sets of nostrils.


People are divided on whether Santa dwells in the North Pole or in Finland.

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Persian carpets have a long history

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Pliny the Elder wrote the first reference to yogurt.

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Fill your heart, not your mind.

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Sunflower is an Edible Flower.

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A 30-foot tumbleweed Christmas tree may be found in Arizona.

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There was a "Golden Age of Piracy," but piracy dates back to ancient times.


Laos is the world's most bombed-out country.

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Chicken earlobes can predict that what colour of eggs they will lay.

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Most popular Instagram hashtag

fibre optics.

A Hong Kong professor devised fibre optics.

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Hank Azaria, aka David, tried out for Joey.