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Did you Know? Lebanon is home to many great roman ruins

lebanon, lebanon facts, facts about lebanon,

One of the greatest outside of Rome. The Baalbek Temple, also known as the Temple of Bacchus, is one of the world's best-preserved and biggest Roman temple ruins. The temple complex, which is located in the Al-biq (Bekaa Valley), was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. The temple was most likely commissioned by the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pirus in the second century AD, although there are no traces of it until the Greek takeover in the fourth century. A German Expedition unearthed two of the great temples and began repairing the site in the late nineteenth century. Then, in the 1970s the Lebanese civil war broke out and the place became a bastion for Palestinian and Syrian forces. It is now within the FCO&#

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glass, sand, lime, soda, ash, high temperature

Glass can decompose in a million years.

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Did you Know? Black sea is also the world’s largest meromictic basin

glass, sand, lime, soda, ash, high temperature

"In the 17th century, glass windows were invented."

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Not all Buddhists practise vegetarianism.

Braille Challenge

Ever heard of the Braille Challenge?

Your nails'

Your nails' ability to grow can be impacted by stress.


Poutine was invented in Quebec.

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Did you Know? Wonder Woman is capable of wielding Thor's hammer.


What Is the Origin of the Name "Butterscotch"?

Wyoming,  William Bradford Ross, Nellie Tayloe Ross,  female governor

Teton County, Wyoming is home to the Grand Teton National Park.

The Vatican

The Vatican is the Wine Capital.

Birmingham, Venice, Italy, United Kingdom, England

Cluedo originated in Birmingham.



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During hypnosis, a person remains completely awake.

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Michael Myers Wore a William Shatner Mask in Halloween


Eczema Comes in a Variety of Forms.

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Fun Fact! Joker was formerly the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations.

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Nothing beats a traditional Cambodian wedding.

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"Employees Are Sworn To Secrecy On The Locations Of Their Warehouses. "


The average person is hypnotised at least twice a day.

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The Body of Stephen Strange Is A Living Weapon

Unexploded Bombs

Germany Has Thousands Of Unexploded Bombs

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The English language received the term "serendipity" from Sri Lanka.

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One of nature's rock stars is broccoli.