Myanmar celebrates Water festival


The Water Festival, also known as Thingyan, is one of the biggest festivals in the country. Thousands take to the streets for a huge water fight to celebrate the Burmese New Year in April. Everyone has a great time and it’s one of the most important facts about Myanmar culture you should be aware of as a tourist. Taking part is probably the best travel experience you can have here.

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No Religious or Communal Riots


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What Country Is the Origin of Butterscotch?

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This man has the Stretchiest skin you could ever see!

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Two out of the three Bronte sisters had governess jobs.


People are divided on whether Santa dwells in the North Pole or in Finland.

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Snake Plants Are Simple To Maintain

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Victorians uttered "prunes" instead of "cheese" before snapping a photograph.

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Tragic occurrences contribute to the development of conspiracy ideas.

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Many People With ADHD Struggle With Short-Term Memory


Malta has been an independent country since 1964.

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The growth rate of toenails is around half that of fingernails.

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If you have diabetes, be careful of injections.

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The three lies of Harvard

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The Netherlands is the world’s biggest flower exporter