dutch scilly war

Did you Know? There were no fights or casualties throughout the 335-year-long Dutch-Scilly War.

dutch scilly war

The conflict, which lasted from 1651 until 1986, was a result of the English Civil War and the Dutch choice to support the Parliamentarians over the Royalists. In retaliation, the Royalists assaulted a few Dutch cargo boats before retreating to the Isles of Scilly. The Dutch arrived, demanding reparations from the Royalists and declaring war if they did not pay them. They decided to call it quits and head home as soon as they knew the Royalists didn't have a cent to their names. The only problem was that they never proclaimed peace with the Isles and simply forgot they were at war. Then, nearly three centuries later, historian Roy Duncan discovered a footnote about the fight in Scilly. He summoned the Dutch Ambassador to th

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