washing face, washing facts

Did you Know? Washing the face a lot doesn't clear blemishes.

washing face, washing facts

Excessive exfoliation and cleansing can aggravate your acne problems. It irritates and dries out your skin, causing it to produce more oil. Excessive use of acne treatments can have the same effect. Stick to a morning and evening routine that includes cleansing, medicating, and moisturising.

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Copper is a low-key household essential.

venus flytrap

Venus flytraps do not eat insect pollinators.

beagles, dog

Beagles are avid hunters.

athena, athena goddess, about athena the greek goddess, greek gods, greek gods and goddesses, ancien

Medusa Gave Birth to Pegasus


The Coconut emblem


Eyebrows have a crucial function.

yogurt, skin container, milk, shepherd, rediscovered

It can help strengthen your immune system.


The origin of all plants is algae.

southindia, breakfast, dish, upma, uttapam, idly, dosa

South Indian menus have around 17 breakfast dishes

rubber ball, largest, joel waul, usa, lauderhill, Florida

Largest rubber band ball

ohthewind, 1940, titanic, waltdisney, johnwilliams, academyaward, gonewiththewind, 1940, titanic, ri

Empire Strikes Back revealed Boba Fett's face.

terracotta, qinshihuang, mausoleum, imperial, tomb, millitary, technology, arts, cultureracotta, qin

In 2015, more than 5 million people visited the location

anxiety, anxiety symptoms, anxiety medication, social anxiety, anxiety attack, high functioning anxi

Women Are Twice As Likely As Men To Develop An Anxiety Disorder

differentiate universe galaxy and the solar system, planet universe galaxy order, universe galaxy so

There may be an endless number of worlds.

scream, movie, real story, Gainesville Ripper,  American, serial killer

Billy, the iconic Saw puppet, was so important to filmmakers James Wan and Leigh Whannell that they paid for it to have its own seat on a flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles.


In Turkey, a hunter-gatherer temple can be discovered.

 Mirror Temple

The One and Only Mirror Temple

Botox, Botox side effects, Botox advantages, Botox facts

Did you Know? Botox removes a person's ability to feel emotions.

glass, sand, lime, soda, ash, high temperature

"Volcanic Lava Has the Potential to Convert to Glass "

Red hair

Red hair is thicker than hair of other colours.

mirror, moon,  Earth, this distance varies

The moon is covered in mirrors.

chinese, porcelain, Han Dynasty, imperial dynasty, Qing Dynasty

A porcelain piece requires dozens of procedures.

soap, saponification, Babylon, Ancient, alkali, oils,  Ebers papyrus, Egyptians, Chinese, Zhou Dynas

High taxes inevitably resulted in shady soap-making activities.

dog, walk, law, weird, turin, police, walking, council, animal

It’s illegal not to walk your dog at least three times a day in Turin, Italy

afrikaans, african, dutch

Despite having a Dutch foundation, a number of other languages have had an impact on Afrikaans.