Inuit have creative ways to get about.


Finding easier modes of transportation than walking becomes crucial if you reside in a region that is primarily covered in snow. As a result, some of the early Inuit tribes are credited with developing qamutiks, or dogsleds, and qajaqs, or kayaks. Larger Inuit communities were frequently ferried across the lake on umiaqs. The same materials that were used to build their vessels were also utilised to build the dogsleds, which were made of wood and whale bones.

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Our language is constantly changing.

Red hair

Red hair is a lovely genetic mutation.

soap, saponification, Babylon, Ancient, alkali, oils,  Ebers papyrus, Egyptians, Chinese, Zhou Dynas

It is possible that early soaps were not used for cleaning.

Netherland, home birth, birth, child, mother

Home births are still popular in the Netherlands

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Tennis was invented on a Birmingham lawn.

Nepal,  independence,  South Asia, country, foreign power, democratic republic, Asian

Nepal has the deepest tallest and highest

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Nevermind was mixed by someone who had previously worked with Slayer (and Madonna).

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A King Penguin Was Knighted In Norway.

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Sylvia Plath won a Fulbright Scholarship.

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Did you Know? Fun Fact! Batman defeated Darkseid... twice!


Does the kind of skin care product you use or how you use it in your regimen matter?

hypnotised individual

A hypnotised individual maintains complete control.

vitamin D.

It is a fallacy that adults require the same quantity of vitamin D.

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Did you Know? There is a ginormous Alcohol cloud in space

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Asia’s oldest refinery and the birthplace of crude oil “Digboi”


Eczema Is Provoked by Specific Environmental Factors

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The first known tree was a leafless, fern-like plant from New York.


The holiday has other names besides just "Halloween."

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Pirates wore earrings to ward off seasickness.


Mirrors serve as the primary optical system.

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Budapest was formed by the union of three cities.

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Did you Know? In Greek Mythology, Historical Adultery is normal

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Did you Know? There are 130 pyramids in Egypt


Grapefruit may potentially aid in cancer prevention.

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The apple did not fall on Newton's head.