chanel, cuir de russie, leathery, beavers, castoreum, fruit scented, sweet smell, animalic, animals,

There’s a Chanel perfume with extracts from a beaver’s abdominal glands

chanel, cuir de russie, leathery, beavers, castoreum, fruit scented, sweet smell, animalic, animals,

The leathery smell in Chanel’s Cuir de Russie comes from an ingredient originally derived from the abdomen of beavers. Called Castoreum, there’s a fruit-scented extract that is taken from the abdominal glands of beavers and used in perfumes. It is supposed to smell sweet, warm, and animalic. However, since the animal has to be killed to remove the sac which contains this “castor”, perfumes that contain this scent use synthetic recreations of the note.

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