There are spiders everywhere!


This may frighten you, but according to research, you should never be more than 10 feet away from a spider. Don't worry, most of the time they're hidden away in some crevice, minding their own business.

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Custard Apple Improves Vision


Your risk of cataracts can be impacted by your diet and lifestyle.

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Swiggy is still an infant startup


Cowlicks can appear on the brows.

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Many jasmine notes are derived from coal tar


Chia is cultivated between the latitudes of 23 degrees north and 23 degrees south.


Tokyo offers some of the best restaurants in the world.


The Pinnacle of Architectural Ingenuity


Eczema Is Not Spreadable

Facts about Snow, Snow Facts, Didi you Know

Did you Know? Snow Flakes come in all sizes


Are fairyfly wasps dangerous?

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Mangoes in South India were referred to as aam-kaay in Tamil, which became maam-kaay as a result of the numerous regional dialects there.

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Revolutionary War in the United States

 brass family

Not all brass family instruments are made of brass.

Spanish, Spain, united states, Colombia

The largest Spanish-speaking population on the planet

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If you have a face tattoo or have had facial surgery, you will need a new passport.


Heart disease accounts for one-third of all deaths.

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Minerva McGonagal was an Animagus and a strong sorceress.

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A porcelain piece requires dozens of procedures.

hernias, abdominal walls

Increasing your exercise regimen or moving heavy furniture over the weekend could result in a hernia.

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The Great Sphinx of Giza is technically not a sphinx.

Walt Disney

"Walt Disney almost made a living by peddling vacuum cleaners. "

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Bihar was the first state to embrace Hindi.

Mehendi, mehndi, Henna, Henna flowers, mehndi benefits, mehndi health benefits, mehndi facts, mehndi

Did you Know? Mehndi can be used for the dental health.

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Butterflies eat only liquids.