harrypotter, azkaban, doloresumbridge, orderofthephoenix, pottermore, hanniballecter, wizard, witche

It was also a mistake for Harry to end up with Ginny.

harrypotter, azkaban, doloresumbridge, orderofthephoenix, pottermore, hanniballecter, wizard, witche

The love partnerships revealed in the story's epilogue were one of the most contentious aspects of the Harry Potter series' ending. Rowling chose Ron and Hermione in a controversial choice, despite many fans' desire to see Harry and Hermione get their happily ever after. It almost goes without saying that Rowling regrets matching Harry with Ginny Weasley, believing that Harry and Hermione should have ended up together. Rowling confessed in an interview with The Sunday Times that these narrative decisions were "chosen for very personal reasons, not for grounds of veracity."

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