Pigeons, Mesopotamian, hypothesis, domesticated, Scientists

Pigeons make great mail carriers.

Pigeons, Mesopotamian, hypothesis, domesticated, Scientists

Modern technology allows us to instantaneously convey a message to someone, yet communication was not always so simple. Pigeons have historically been used for communication because of their navigational abilities, speed, and ability to carry up to 10% of their body weight. Countries such as Egypt and Syria used carrier pigeons around the fifth century A.D. Pigeons were employed to communicate event results to fans during ancient Olympic games. The Rothschild family used their network of pigeon lofts to communicate about finances in the 1800s. Pigeons were significantly faster than other accessible modes of communication, providing the family with an advantage that allowed them to greatly extend their riches. Pigeons once formed th

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vatican city, vatican, smallest, country, tourism, crime rate, visitors

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