Providing porcelain to the imperial family required government approval in ancient China.


Unlike in today's mass production era, porcelain in ancient China was made by a variety of small businesses in various districts. The imperial family would always prioritise purchasing better ceramics.

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Did you Know? There is a windless Kite festival too!

Ebook sales

Ebook sales have plummeted. (Sorry, Internet trolls!)

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Dysania is the state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning

 sperm whales

The excreta of sperm whales was used in perfumes

Hong Kong

Hong Kong boasts the most Rolls Royces per capita of any city on the planet.

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Mosquitoes spend the first ten days of their lives in water

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Annual air pollution limits in London were exceeded five days into 2017.

 Sound Waves

Why Are Sound Waves Unsuitable for Electricity Generation?


It's Fine to Change Brands

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Did you Know? Athena Hated Medusa

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Glass can decompose in a million years.


Is home to two of the world's most livable cities.


Topically applying it to your skin may be beneficial.

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Did you know.... BMW's headquarters are styled after their automobile engines.

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Gorillas are regarded as gentle giants.


Babies that are given formula have stronger bones.


Before Charlotte, Anne and Emily were able to locate a publisher.


A category of beetle known as fireflies has more than 2,000 different species

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The United States government has a formal strategy for a zombie apocalypse.

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The army of Terracotta It's not just the military.

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Did you Know? Russia ran short of vodka as it celebrated the end of WWII.

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Lyndon B. Johnson drove a water-surfing automobile.

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Did you Know? The White House has a movie theatre.

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Did you Know? The pharse, "steal my thunder" was originated with Macbeth.


Pompeii is located at Mount Vesuvius's foot.