maine, united states, america

A shoreline that stretches for miles

maine, united states, america

Maine has 3,478 miles of coastline if we add inlets and islands. This is the fourth-greatest total in the United States, after only Florida, Louisiana, and Alaska. All of the world's naval fleets could fit into Maine's deep ports.

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A Starbucks venti drink allegedly has the same amount of espresso as a grande.

witches, The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, witchcraft,  magic

Both men and women practise witchcraft.

chia seed

Chia can be beneficial to babies.

Incredible engineering

Incredible engineering marvels were required during construction.

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Did you Know? Over Five Billion Cars Have Been Destroyed In Call Of Duty Games

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Are all PCOS patients are obese?

lobster, crabs, clams, mussels

When they crave blood or sex, lobsters notably urinate out of their faces.

Snake Plant

Making a Snake Plant is a Good Gift

dust mites

One million to ten million dust mites may reside in your mattress.


Since 2750BC, the Egyptians have employed copper tubes to convey water.

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Did you Know? Do you know about the largest Christmas Gift.


Asteroids come in a variety of varieties.

reading, reading facts, reading habit, reading fact, habitual reading, speed reading

Fast Reading Helps to Protect the Eyes

wolf howl, moon and wolf,

Wolves do not howl at the moon.

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Shrimps are well-known for their deliciousness! But did you know that there are over 2,000 different types of shrimp worldwide?

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Another factor raising cardiovascular risk is coagulation abnormalities in insulin resistance.

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Did you Know? The fastest ride in Disneyland is no roller coaster.


Alaska has the most volcanoes of any state.

souffle, National Chocolate Soufflé Day, National Cheese Souffle Day

Soup days are observed all around the world.


Owns a large number of firearms but has the lowest crime rates


People can actually undergo operations to alter the colour of their eyes


Didga the cat can perform 24 tricks in one minute

anient, egyptians, paint, eye, black, deception, copper, makeup, Alexandria, lighthouse

Alexandria Was Named After Alexander The Great

norwegian, officer, zoo, edinburgh, sirnilsolav, rose, corporal, 1982, knighted, 2008, brigadier, 20

A King Penguin Was Knighted In Norway.

candle, candles, romans, wax