Spine, spinalcord

The most common cause of spinal cord injury is car accidents.

Spine, spinalcord

Motor vehicle accidents are the most prevalent cause of back pain, particularly spinal cord disorders. Automobile accidents account for 47% of all spinal cord injury cases.

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fennel seed

Fennel seeds help to alleviate asthma and other respiratory problems.

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Around 406 million people in the world speak Spanish.

Blood Purification

Blood Purification and Insect Bites

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Sylvia Plath chose June 16th for her wedding date in honor of James Joyce's Novel 'Ulysses'

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Social media has been psychologically engineered to be addictive.

Inuit art

With a lengthy history, Inuit art is incredible!

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Their "Wings" Flap as They Move

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World’s largest tea growing region “across the state”



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Red hair is thicker than hair of other colours.

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Aphrodite is the oldest Olympian.

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Hong Kong is a Chinese Special Administrative Region.

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Some individuals like watching other people's rage.

The light

The light is the world's most effective light source.

 Windows 10

You Can Install Windows 10 Using a USB Flash Drive.

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Smelliest plant to exist on the planet.


Flamingos have a 10,000–15,000-foot ceiling.

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Did you Know? Some planes can fly 5 hours after their engine goes off

 Alzheimer's disease

Women are more likely than men to develop Alzheimer's disease.

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In Japan you can Shop in the first Kinokuniya location.

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Nobody knows who built the Sphinx.

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Did you Know? Athena Hated Medusa

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San Marino is Europe's least visited country.

hernias, abdominal walls

With one product, your skin would be happy from head to toe.

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Budapest is home to Europe's largest synagogue.