Hindi is the fourth most widely spoken language, following English, Spanish, and Mandarin.


One of the incredible facts from Amazing Facts About Hindi is that Hindi is the fourth most spoken language in the world, behind English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

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Red hair is thicker than hair of other colours.


You Can Have a Headache Without a Migraine

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It’s illegal to pass wind in a public place after 6pm on Thursdays in Florida

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Many Gods Of Ancient Egypt


People are divided on whether Santa dwells in the North Pole or in Finland.

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Sand is used to making glass.


Coconuts were named by the Portuguese.

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Only 70–75 percent of the world's population uses toilet paper.

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beagles are escape artists

endangered creatures

Over 100 endangered creatures live in Indonesia.

 most visited country

The seventh most visited country on the planet


When you cook lobsters, they don't scream in pain.

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Vision Boards Help You Unleash Your Inner Power

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Sumo wrestlers make babies cry for good luck.

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Baby New Year is, in fact, rather ancient.

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Reduce your blood pressure by drinking beet juice.

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Did you Know? The White House is haunted