tunisia, Arab country, Islam

Djerba pilgrimage

tunisia, Arab country, Islam

Djerba is a Tunisian island off the east coast. It is a popular tourist site as well as a location for the production of Star Wars. This island is also notable for its lengthy history with the Jewish community. A pilgrimage is defined as a travel to a sacred location. Even though just a few individuals make the trip, it is a feature of many religions. Djerba is home to one of the Jewish pilgrimage sites. Every year, Jewish people go to Harah Srira to visit El Ghriba synagogue, also known as Djerba synagogue (meaning small village in Arabic). Djerba is still home to the biggest Jewish community in North Africa. In general, the Arab world's communities are shrinking. The Jews have a long history with Djerba, but it has not be

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