Quebec is a province that speaks French.


This province's official language is French. Approximately 80% of inhabitants speak French as their first tongue, and almost 95% of "Quebecers" do as well. The word "Francophone" refers to someone who speaks French as their first language. It is North America's oldest French-speaking community. However, most inhabitants also speak English. During my tour, I encountered no locals who did not speak English.

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From left to right, Hindi is written in Devanagari script, which has 11 vowels and 33 consonants.

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The Swiss

The Swiss Wed Late

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Women Are Twice As Likely As Men To Develop An Anxiety Disorder

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Yogurt is also beneficial to your skin.


Before Charlotte, Anne and Emily were able to locate a publisher.


oyesters can change their gender

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What Is the State of Their Conservation?

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Did you Know? Hitler's birth chart predicted his future.

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North Korea owes Volvo a 45-year-old debt.


Kaleidoscopes Are Not Just a Kids' Toy

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Anaximenes Of Miletus (c.586-c.526 BCE)

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Because people were being buried alive so frequently, bells were connected to their coffins.


Your gums should not be bloody when you brush or floss your teeth.

Mexico City

Mexico City sinks by 10 inches every year!


Scientists are still perplexed as to why people have diverse blood types in the first place.

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Many Gods Of Ancient Egypt

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What Did You Know? India's very first automobile