Amazing Facts About Human Body

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Did you Know? Music can help you exercise better

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Brown sugar is NOT better for you than white sugar.

Nerve Cells, love nerve cells, nerve cells facts, nerve cell regeneration

Nerve cells are capable of regeneration.

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Changing your desktop background might help you feel less stressed.

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Human vision can detect a burning candle from a distance of 27 miles in complete darkness.

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We share 98% of our DNA with Gorillas.

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We can only remember three or four things at a time.

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The concept of multitasking does not exist.

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When you are chilly, shivering helps you lose weight.

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Women require more sleep than men do.

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Communication with friends is good for men's health.

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Hair can tell everything about a person.

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Cycling helps to rejuvenate your immune system.

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People who appear younger than they are, Enjoy longer lives.

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Hair is the fastest growing tissue other than the bone marrow...

Nerve Cells, love nerve cells

Your nerve cells function better.

blind love, love is blind, blind,

Love must be "blind" to survive.

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Addiction to love is as strong as addiction to drugs or nicotine.

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Eating before going to bed causes nightmares.

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The majority of the atoms in our bodies are formed of billions of years old stardust.

blinking, blink, eyes fact, blinking facts

The Brain relaxes as a result of blinking.

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Our heartbeat beats syncs with the music we're listening to.

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The human brain has a capacity of 2.5 million gigabytes.

tooth decay, chocolate helps decay

Chocolate can help in preventing tooth decay.

tongue, taste buds, tongue taste buds

A Tongue has between 2,000 and 4,000 taste buds.

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The Average Tongue is about 3 inches long.

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Even the Tongue can get Fat.