pulp fiction, quinten tarantino, uma thurman, mia wallace, john travolta, vincent vega

A Group of Famous People Saved the Hollywood Sign

pulp fiction, quinten tarantino, uma thurman, mia wallace, john travolta, vincent vega

First erected in 1923 to advertise real estate in the area, the Hollywood sign now stands as a monument to the local film industry. As the original sign wasn’t meant to remain for so long, by 1978 it was in disrepute and almost falling. Despite the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce doing its best to keep the sign in good condition, they didn’t have the money or workforce to continue with the upkeep. So a group of famous Hollywood celebrities based in Los Angeles got together and raised funds to help save the sign. Led by Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine, nine donors raised $250,000 to restore the sign to its glory days. It is now protected and promoted by the nonprofit organization The Hollywood Sign Tru

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