Australia lost a prime minister in 1967.


Harold Holt served as Prime Minister for 22 months before going missing while swimming at Cheviot Beach. Police, Royal Australian Navy divers, Royal Australian Air Force helicopters, Army officers, and many local volunteers launched a large manhunt.

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The Most Popular German Surname Is Müller

moonstone, energy, fortune, spiritual, tiger eye

Tiger Eye Gemstone Promotes Addiction Recovery


Roses have hundreds of scent molecules combining notes of different aromas

San Marino, Saint Marinus, Rimini, Italy

San Marino is a democratic republic with many parties.



hernias, abdominal walls

Hernias come in a variety of forms.

Oscars, Oscars facts, Oscars winner, Oscars winner announcements

Did you Know? Oscars Winners used to be announced before ceremony.

type 2 diabetes,  insulin, resistance, American Diabetes Association, strenuous exercise, weight red

Because there is no easily accessible insulin resistance test in primary care, we must identify insulin resistance risk factors.


One of Buddha's incisors is kept in a temple in Kandy.

sleep, dysania, chronic fatigue, bed, suffering, syndromee

The record for the longest period without sleep is 11 days

Catnip, cat, food, pet

What Is the Effect of Catnip?

iceberg, gallons, fresh water, five years, fujairah, ocean

One iceberg could provide enough water for a million people for five years.

digboi, oil, assam, saikhowa, sanctuary, golf course, war cemetery, crude oil

India’s largest natural zoo “Assam State Zoo”

type 2 diabetes,  insulin, resistance, American Diabetes Association, strenuous exercise, weight red

Targeting dyslipidaemia effectively requires a careful selection of oral hypoglycemic medicines as well as dyslipidaemia-specific medications.

cat tiger

House cats share 95.6% of their genetic makeup with tigers

vitamin D

The better, the more vitamin D you consume


It's a Nobel Prize-Winning Machine.

Taste buds

Your brain is used to taste.


Cowlicks can appear on the brows.

netflix, mitch lowe, pornography, bill clinton, monica lewinsky, scandal, customer, chineseetflix, m

The First Clip That Was Released On Netflix Was Called Example Show.

cambodia, cambodia facts, facts about cambodia

Did you Know? Insects are widely eaten throughout Cambodia

kolkata facts, facts about kolkata, kolkata, about kolkata, kolkata history

Did you Know? Asia's largest planetarium is in Kolkata


Since 2750BC, the Egyptians have employed copper tubes to convey water.

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Are all PCOS patients are obese?

khajuraho, city, india, temples

Gods and Goddesses Images