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Did you Know? Marvel's First Superhero

comics facts, facts about comics, facts about marvel, facts about dc, facts about superheroes, fun f

Did you think Captain America was the first Marvel superhero? You'd be correct if it weren't for some cunning adjustments. The Human Torch — not Johnny Storm, but an android who could manipulate fire – was Marvel's first hero, initially appearing in Marvel #1 in 1939. More than 800,000 copies of the comic book were sold. Our favourite Cap wasn't born until 1941, yet he sold over a million copies.

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santa claus

Santa and Mrs. Claus are Canadian citizens.

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Did you Know? King James I was the decendant of real Banquo.

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The Nepetalactone Is Everything.

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Did you Know? "Ladakh has the highest bridge in the world"

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Netflix’s Executives Used To Make House Calls.

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Fecal transplants are ancient medicine made modern

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Skin cancer is more common among redheads.

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The main normal Ice Skating Arena in India.

air pollution, pollution

In the UK, a majority of automobile trips are under five miles.

Pancreatic cell

Pancreatic cell damage is the cause of diabetes.

Hindi, Urdu, language, Hindustani, north India, India

You will be able to communicate in Urdu if you know Hindi.


Allergens can also cause asthama.

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Amaltas treats diarrhea


University Is Inexpensive-Ish

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The name of E.T. is revealed in the unfinished sequel.

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Sand is used to making glass.


Originally, it was spelled "Gundom."

Unexploded Bombs

Germany Has Thousands Of Unexploded Bombs

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What Did You Know? India's very first automobile

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Some lobsters are cannibals.

Micky Mouse

Micky Mouse was voiced by Walt Disney

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The population of kangaroos outnumbers humans.

dussehra, Sanskrit phrase, Dash Hara, the defeat of the Sun,  Hindu, Sun, Lord Rama, Ravana

Some myths even claim that Goddess Durga visited her birthplace on Earth along with her children Lakshmi, Ganesha, Kartik, and Saraswati


Tulsi Reduces colds, coughs, and other respiratory problems