London, cemetery, tomb, machine , teleportation, hannah courtoy, brompton, stephen coates

A London tomb is supposedly a time machine or teleportation chamber.

London, cemetery, tomb, machine , teleportation, hannah courtoy, brompton, stephen coates

Brompton Cemetery in London inspires some strange beliefs. It's the final resting place of Hannah Courtoy, who was known for her admiration of ancient Egyptian astrological (and possibly mystical) knowledge. She and two of her daughters are buried there in a massive 20-foot granite mausoleum with a pyramid peak and a bronze door adorned with Egyptian hieroglyphs.The tomb also has a keyhole, but the key to unlock it was lost, which, combined with Courtoy's history, gave it a strange reputation. Because no one can get inside to confirm or refute superstitious suspicions, a local legend claims it is a time machine rather than a tomb. According to historian Stephen Coates, who spoke to Mental Floss, "It isn&

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