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Did you Know? In South Korea, there is a particular day for "singles."

south korean, south korea, south korean facts, facts about south korea, facts about south korean

Here's the deal: The practice of celebrating Valentine's Day twice occurs in Japan as well, giving South Korea and Japan a unique feature in common. But South Korea takes it a step further by providing a particular day for single people, or at least a day where they may console themselves in the middle of their singleness. This is known as Black Day, and it is observed on April 14th each year. On Black Day, unmarried Koreans dress in black and eat jjajangmyeon, which are black bean paste-covered noodles. There are also jjajangmyeon eating contests where singles may drown their sorrows while still gaining some measure of dignity if they win. Cafes report a surge in black coffee sales, and matching services benefit fr

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