metgala, metropolitan, museum, artcostume, fundraiser, fashiondepartment, december, 1948, fashionpub

How are the themes determined?

metgala, metropolitan, museum, artcostume, fundraiser, fashiondepartment, december, 1948, fashionpub

The themes are determined by paying tribute to designers’ pasts and the theme of the upcoming exhibition. This year’s theme is Gilded Glamour which is heavily inspired by the Gilded Age that took place in New York from 1870 to the early 1900s.

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hot pocket, hot, warm, chunk stuffers

Hot Pockets has a mascot.

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Did you Know? There is a difference in your age.


Switzerland's meat is among the most expensive in the world.

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Vision Boards Increase Your Creativity

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It may also aid with weight loss indirectly.

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Younger is a fantastic TV show to watch if you're interested in publishing.

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Starbucks spends more on health care for employees than coffee beans every year.

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Did you Know? The Queen in Disney's Snow White and Seven Dwarfs have an uncanny resemblence to Lady Macbeth.

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The ancient treatment of beetroot is constantly being researched.

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We share 98% of our DNA with Gorillas.

pune, India, city

Badminton's inaugural match.

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Four of the top five most expensive coffee cities are Swiss.

sunflower, Guinness Book of World Records, flowers, Hans-Peter, Germany

Tiny flowers make up sunflowers.

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When you travel, your taste receptors love savoury foods.

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What is the Fact about After Life?

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Antique China is in high demand.

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Witchcraft, contrary to popular belief, is not Satanism.

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Over 100 endangered creatures live in Indonesia.

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Your skin can suffer from a lack of sleep.

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Antidepressants Can Help — No matter what Your Temperament

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Largest display of toothpick sculptures

earthen pots, earthenware, health professionals, slow cooking, earthy flavor

Earthern pots Oil savings and eventual health improvements.

hot pocket, hot, warm, chunk stuffers

They used to go by another name.

colagen, skin, wrinkle, vitamin, surgery

Exposure to the sun: